Every strategy starts with data

Whether you are overwhelmed by the amount of data available to you or simply do not know where to start collecting it – we are here to help you!

A data strategy is key to sustainable business growth

DPP Digital helps you identify and leverage the right data assets to progress towards your business objectives. At a minimum, a successful data strategy will help you:

Utilise data you already have and understand what other data sources you might need

Combine your multiple raw data sources into one single source of truth

Get answers to your questions quickly and be certain in your business decisions

data strategy dppdigital

Data shape that sets you for success

Our focused approach to developing your data strategy involves assessing the gaps in your current processes and infrastructure. This will ultimately ensure that your data comes in a format suited to answering your business questions.

Our approach to your data strategy


We have developed a six-step approach to building your businesses’ bespoke data strategy. It involves addressing the following areas and questions.


Business requirements

Good data strategy is based on determining your key business objectives. What are they? How are you going to measure their success?

Digital set ups audit

Which channels and tools will allow you to reach your business goals? Are you using all of them? Are you using them correctly?

Data gathering

What user touch points do you want to track? What data sources and set ups do you need to get your business questions answered?

Technology infrastructure

What is the best approach to integrating all your data sources? What data warehousing and visualisation tools will you need to get the job done?


Who is the owner of data analysis in your organisation? If you do not have expertise in house, consider using our Reporting and Analytics services.


How will data be created, shared and governed? Some of your business processes will need to be redesigned to incorporate data analysis.

Ready to work on your data strategy?

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