Digital analytics for confident decisions

Solving business problems is more fun when you are backed up by best practice data analysis techniques. Understanding past and present performance empowers you to make business decisions with confidence.

Analysing your data

DPP Digital specialises in providing you answers to your most critical business questions through applying proven analytical methodologies. The types of business problems we support on a daily basis include:

Forecasting of marketing budgets to achieve business KPIs

Inventory analysis, forecasting and planning

Marketing channels performance: trends, weaknesses and opportunity areas

Allowable CPA (Cost per Acquisition) calculation

New market launch scenarios and sales forecasting

Business benchmarking

Attribution modelling

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Analytics tools that suit your business

Excel or Google Sheets reports

Typically, suitable for small businesses who use Excel or Google Sheets as the primary data processing and storage mechanism. This is a perfect start to your analytical journey.

Google Data Studio reports

Great for small to medium sized businesses keen to advance along their analytical journey by combining their marketing data and potentially more all in one place.

Your reporting platform of choice

Using your own analytics suite or planning on using a new analytics tool not mentioned here? If you need support, let’s talk! We will likely be able to help.

Ready to kick off your marketing and business analytics?

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